Microfiber Clay Mitt – Fine Grade Clay

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Product Introduction

Faster, Reliable Clay Usage
Re-Usable up to 20-50 cars.
Removes harmful particles from paint without scratching or damaging the surface. 

Step 1: Clean off paint surface with water to begin.
Step 2: Apply Microfiber Clay Mitt to car with Wash Shampoo to remove particles.
Step 3: Wipe surface dry and repeat as necessary.
Step 4: Cleaning Microfiber Clay Mitt – Place in water and allow product to soak overnight for dirt to come off naturally.

· Do not use on dry paint surfaces.
· Do not use on hot surfaces, as this may cause product to dissolve.

Maxshine’s Microfiber Clay Mitt uses advanced Polymer Technology to remove contamination from various surfaces without the use of chemicals.


Technical Specifications

Art.N° Size Weight Color Material
204003MT 21x16cm 450GSM Red+Black Microfiber + Clay