Maxshine Pressure Washer Sprayer

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Maxshine Short Wand High Pressure Washer Sprayer



  • 5000 PSI Max,
  • 3 Pressure Power Washer Nozzles Tips
  • M22 14 Swivel 3/8" Plug


  • Light and easy to use.345bar-5000PSI, brass fitting, meets daily cleaning needs for your car, walls, and garden.
  • The handle is covered with an anti-skid and wear resistant black glue
  • Multiple nozzles: 1 quick release coupler 1/4"female, 1 quick release connector 3/8" male, 1 twist & plug connector M22 14mm
  • Shell and plate are made of strong and durable plastics.

Always use the safety lock after using a power washer sprayer to prevent accidental spraying