MaxShine M8S V2 8mm Dual Action Polisher

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Product Introduction



POWERFUL ENGINE: Maxshine M8S V2 8mm Dual Action/DA Polisher 1000W improved efficiency guarantees more power and torque on any surface, make your car detailing process easier, more efficient and achieve the swirl-free, scratch-free, debris-free results at the same time

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The concave rubber contact points absorb vibration and enhance control. Exquisite design and soft-touch head cover make your car detailing experience more comfortable and convenient.

PERFECT BALANCE: Black rubber balance block is perfect for balancing the machine, instead of leaning on its side

CONSTRUCTION: External carbon brush is beneficial to replace and use, save time and facilitate disassembly.

DESIGN: The shell of the machine is made of plastic instead of iron, which is light, convenient and easy to operate


Our Maxshine M8S V2 Dual action polisher is the ideal polisher to get those smaller hard to polish spots looking beautiful again. It’s the easiest and safest way to polish paint and get rid of those hard to remove and annoying swirl marks and scratches. For the best results pair the M8S V2 with our polishing pads and Maxshine Compound and Finishing Polish to give your paint that perfect finish you have been dreaming of.

The M8S V2 Red Car Polisher is the latest advancement in our journey to paint perfection. This detailing tool is designed specifically for comfort and efficiency to accelerate your paint correction program.


Technical Specifications

Art.N° Rated Voltage Orbit Diameter Size Disc Size Spindle Thread Size No Load Speed Net Weight Color
M8S V2 110V-120V AC, 60Hz 8mm 125mm, 5″ 5/16″-24 2,500 to 6,500/min 2.6kg (approx) Red
Supplied with a 125mm(5″) backing plate,4 Meter Heavy Duty Cable