Blue Hex Foam Applicator Pad

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This applicator pad is perfect for applying protection to rubber and plastic trim.  The soft applicator pad easily cleans and spreads a thin, even coat of dressing on rubber tires, plastic bumper panels, engine bay components, and trim. This Applicator Pad uses a dense core foam grip that does not absorb any creams, liquids, or gels which means you won't get any of the product you're using on your fingers, and it adds a stable base for precise use
  • No mess and easy-to-use
  • Premium soft foam for even product spread on vinyl, rubber, and textured plastic surfaces
  • Hex Logic grooves spread product more evenly and efficiently than flat foam
  • Dense comfort foam grip doesn’t absorb product, dirt, or grime
  • Keeps fingers and hands clean and dry
  • Ideal for applying a coat of any tire shine, dressing, or plastic protectant