330GSM Ultra All Purpose Microfiber Towel, 40X40cm 16X16 Inches

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Maxshine Microfiber Towels offer high-level results at an affordable price. Reusable, machine washable and Super Soft


  • Ultra All Microfiber Towel is a quality all purpose towel.

  • It has the double-sided construction found in many of  multi-purpose towels, with a medium pile on both sides and can be used effectively wet or dry.

  • It's high absorbency makes it ideal for damp cleaning use, or drying damp surfaces. And the looped fibers are great at grabbing dust and wax residue, but it has a softer side for buffing, too. Mr.Ultra All is a good value for a versatile detailing towel

  • Fabric Blend: 80% Polyester - 20% Polyamide - 100% Microfiber

Maxshine Microfiber Towels offer high-level shine results under any heavy task. Reusable and machine washable. Eco-friendly. Brilliant for cleaning car exteriors or for removing grime and dirt from interiors.