Soft Grip Wheel and Tire Cleaning Brush - Long Handle

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Maxshine Soft Grip Long Handle Wheel and Tire Cleaning Brush:

High Quality & Enhanced Tire Cleaning Brush: Made of special high-quality materials, ergonomically designed to be easy to grip, anti-slip, durable as well as comfortable. A great choice for easily cleaning wheels and wheel wells.

Offers Light/Medium duty cleaning that gently removes dirt and grime from wheels. Has 20” of reach for thorough cleaning, and getting those hard-to-reach places. Brush head is soft tipped to reduce chances of scratching. It strikes a perfect balance between scrubbing power and a gentle touch for a superior clean and satisfying results!

Stiff, durable & chemical resistant bristles:

  • Bristles made to be highly resilient. Allows users to scrub and remove dirt, grime and dust from wheels and wheel wells, easily. Our unique bristle technology offers bristles that are ultra-dense, with a moderate hardness that is not easily deformed, ensuring a long lifespan.

Long handle, anti-slip & ergonomically designed grip:

  • This Maxshine tire brush is designed with and easy grip, ergonomic soft touch handle. The 20” reach allows you get into every nook and cranny in and around your wheels. The tail of the handle can be hung for drying after use.


Technical Specifications

Art.N° Size Color Material
7011033 523.4*72*15mm Red/Black PET+PP Bristles