Maxshine Super Finishing Polish – 16oz/500ml

Maxshine Super Finishing Polish – 16oz/500ml

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Directions:  After sanding marks have been removed with Maxshine Cutting Compound, set the buffer at a comfortable speed and apply enough Maxshine Finishing Polish to work a small section(2'X2') at a time. Buff with slow back and forth overlapping motions, keeping the pad’s surface flat with the vehicle until holograms, swirls or fine marks are removed.Wipe remaining residue with a Maxshine Microfiber Towel to reveal a brilliant finish


Harmful if swallowed
Causes skin irritation
Causes serious eye irritation


Wash hands thoroughly after handling
Wear eye protection
Wear gloves
Keep away from heat/sparks/open flames/hot surfaces.–No smoking.


  • Polishes should be applied to small areas at a time
  • Polishes do not need to dry before removing. In fact, should be wiped off immediately after working them over the finish. If they dry, it can be difficult to remove.
  • Polishes remove everything off the surface of the paint including wax, so after using paint cleaner, Maxshine strongly recommends re-applying a protective coating of wax
  • Wash pads thoroughly after use with warm soapy water and leave out to dry before storing.
  • For ultimate results, clean pads frequently during use